Judith Larzelere

Quilt: "Luminosity:Gray, Peach, Lavender"

Twenty eight years ago I chose strip piecing and machine strip quilting as my method of working as a visual artist. I like the balance of deliberate planning coupled to uncertainty about the exact look of the completed piece. Color interaction that builds movement and excitement is my goal.

In addition to quilt making my interest in gardening, both perennials and edibles, takes over the warm months. I gain inspiration for color from the blooms. Walking along the shore and marshes to admire the reach of the natural world inspires my art. Perhaps more unconsciously music and musical notation is deeply imbedded in my memory for I studied piano 12 years as a child and am now later in life resuming my studies on harpsichord. Viewers comment that the small accent colors seem to be the score for some inaudible imaginary music. Perhaps that is so.

Judith Larzelere
6 Boylston Street, Westerly, RI 02891

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